On Time, Allotted Efficiently 

16 Janvier 2016, 11:25 CST,headed north to Houston 

Time is a funny thing. When you have too much of it, say when you are waiting at the DMV, you feel like it will never pass quickly enough. When you don’t have much of it, say when you are lamenting on the last day of your latest cruise or vacation, you only wish so very much that there was more of it. When you look around and wonder where your day has gone, say after working all day and then coming home to laundry and cooking dinner, you begin to wonder why you cannot either get more done, or get less done, the latter being not the actually duties to get dne but, instead, the amount of things you try to cram into one day. Then, you start to think about all of the little things during the day that take up so much free time, and you wonder what of those you can ditch. What are not important? Then, you go on vacation and realize what some of those things are. 

My life revolves a lot around electronics. IPhone, iPad, computer, television, and laptop. Those comprise the most time I seem to spend in one day. Like now, for instance, I am typing this on my trusty iPad mini, all while sailing the ocean blue. It’s q necessary evil, in order to produce this blog, but my blog isn’t an enterprise. It’s merely getting my thoughts down on paper, even if it is not real paper, just so I can get them out of my head, clear my brain, and have something cool to read again when I am older. It’s like an open diary of sorts, one that I don’t mind sharing with other people. 

Facebook is my biggest sucker of time. It’s good for some things, but surely a waste of time for others. Do I really care sometimes what someone from high school is doing? Probably not. I need to limit my time there. I don’t tweet that much, so I don’t throw that one out with the trash just yet. I like Instagram, mostly because it’s a bunch of people I don’t know (for the most part) uploading photos of places I would like to go some day. Pinterest is full of exciting ideas, but I get on it about once a month maybe. I think I’ll keep it and ditch Facebook. Seems like a better use of my time. I also text quite a bit, although I try not to make it a habit when I’m spending time with Sweetie. We get one chance at life, so spending it with the person I love most in this world is much more important than texting someone about something I suppose. 

Cleaning doesn’t take up a ton of time, since the only child we have at home is a fur child who doesn’t make much of a mess. Laundry is pretty easy, maybe two loads a week or so to get it all done. Going to the grocery store is about to get easier as I think I’m going to try that Amazon grocery service. Other than that, it’s mostly work that keeps me busy. But there is a way to do it more efficiently as well, which is something I plan to work on when I return home. 

Time, like the sea, is a wicked mistress. It pulls you in, it pushes you away, it gives you hopes and dreams, only to rip them away at the most unsuspecting moment. None of us really know exactly how much time we have, with a few exceptions. I am going to enjoy my time more, like I did before the age of i-everything and work. 

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