Thoughts of Paris on a Cold Evening in Arkansas

14 November 2015

Today was a long day. I read so many sad and terrifying news reports about the events of yesterday in Paris. The City of Light went mostly dark as the citizens and tourists hunkered down, scared for what was going on in the center of the city.  One news report that I read described the activities, or lack thereof, in the non-tourist areas of the city. Life does go on. Today, 126+ sounds no longer a part of the city, the remaining people were a bit quieter, a bit more subdued. 

We stayed in a non-tourist areas, thankfully. We were at the border of the 3rd and 4th arr., across the street and down a bit from the Saint Paul Meteo station, which is the station one stop away from the Bastille. I imagine that the area that we called home for a week is now a bit quieter, but I also imagine that Parisians are not letting these tyrants to overshadow the fact that this is s weekend in Paris in November. Life goes on. 

I still, today, cannot wait to go back to the city. I want to experience more of France. Next time, I want to travel along the southern coast, staying for a couple of days in several cities, and spending at least a couple of days in Monaco. I can hardly contain my excitement at the possibility. Am I scared? Not in the least. Something could happen  to me tomorrow, safe at home. I could be on a plane to Chicago and something could happen. There are more gun-related deaths in the U.S. than there ever will be in Europe’s no-gun countries. I actually feel safer there than I do here. One typically doesn’t have to worry about a stray bullet in Paris. Here, it’s a daily occurrence in some cities, including my own. 

The terrorists espouse their own brand of values. Those include eradicating the “bad” Americans and our death metal bands, our living in “excess”, and our capitalism. Meanwhile, the terrorist factions beat their wives, sell girls into sexual slavery, kill and maim in the name of their so-called made-up “god”, and think that hatred and beaheadings are normal. Idiots. Fucking idiots. I wish the whole lot of them and their made up religion would be eradicated from this planet. Perhaps they would all like to move to Mars. I hear it’s desert-like and great this time of the year. 

I am sad for my friends in Paris. I am sad for my friends who have been there and experienced the delights the city can offer. I am sad for those who have never been, now afraid to go. Why? Because they allow these tyrants to dictate where and when they can travel. Be brave. Set sail. Go out on the plank. Jump in. The ocean is not nearly as scary as the boat, sometimes. 

Tonight, my thoughts are with the whole world, except those who wish to cause anyone harm. 

And for the gun toasters who believe this couldn’t happen here because “someone” would have been armed, it’s not necessarily true. Think of all the shootings over the past year, week, month. Think of how many of those were in a stadium, where guns aren’t allowed anyway. The mere fact that some Bubba has his 9mm and his concealed carry permit doesn’t mean he can take out five AK-47 wielding terrorists.  More than likely, he would be dead before he could fire a shot. It’s pure math. 

For me, I enjoy living in a society where people are free, but personally I would be perfectly okay if there were no guns anywhere, under any circumstances.  Westside firmed that one up for me. Paris and others like it just further affirm my belief in that measure. 

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