The Motor City

12 November 2015, 6:51 am CST

Well today we are taking a small trip. We were set to go to an event, so we booked tickets and such. The  event sort of got cancelled, so we thought about changing the flight and just eating the hotel money, since it couldn’t be cancelled, but we decided to journey on anyway. It’s another adventure in the life of, so to speak. 

We are flying through an airport that neither of us, surprisingly, have ever journey through. Detroit. The Motor City. Michigan. 

I have been to Michigan before, but Sweeti isn’t sure he has. I went to Grand Rapids once about 11 years ago come January. I went to a vendor showroom and had a lot of fun. We even went to see a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I really admired him then, and still think the houses are cool, but the whole “you can’t move the furniture or artwork” thing is a bit disturbing for me. I frequently change those things and don’t really like anyone telling me how to decorate my own home. Frank and I probably would not have gotten along very well, unfortunately. 

 I have also been really busy these past few weeks. After our Paris trip, I came back to a deluge of work on various cases. Working through it all and getting sleep is sometimes a challenge, but I love it so that it doesn’t bother me. I feel like ether work I do now actually has meaning. It’s not useless jitter and sputter, just to prove my existence or make someone happy about their laminate color. Just for the record – laminate colors are discontinued quicker than people get offended about Starbucks cups. They never keep the, for a long time, so if your colors don’t match, then don’t cry about it. Acknowledge and move on and don’t be a big baby because, God forbid, you don’t like green or red. Or any other color.  

Now, I feel like I make a difference every single day. Today, when we were taking off, I saw a business at which one of my clients works. I won’t name it, of course, but it make me smile just a tiny bit on the inside, ok a lot, knowing that I have made a difference for the client. What I have done has been incredible or the client. That feels absolutely amazing. 

So as we depart and fly to Detroit, I will use this trip as a bit of a refresher, as well as a bit of an adventure. Maybe there aren’t too many people who think that a trip to Detroit is a fun adventure, but as I have never been there, I certainly consider it to be. You can have a adventure anywhere you go. Go a different route to work once a month. You’ll see things you haven’t noticed before. Go a different route in the grocery store, and you might find that product you thought they had quit making years ago. Get out of your comfort zone. I know I have in the past year, and it has proved to be the most amazing thing I have ever done. 

I have heard many bad things about Detroit. Crime. Housing woes. Unemployment. I am going to look for the good in it all today. Rain or shine. I hope you, too, can look upon your life as an adventure. It is the very best way to make your life what you always wished it to be. 

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