Week Three

Well, it’s been nearly three weeks since I had the uterine ablation procedure. I have had almost none of the side effects that everyone warns about. No cramping. No bleeding. No weird discharge (TMI, I know), and no weird smells. It’s like they went in with a big waterpik and just cleaned everything out. I’m pleased, so far.

I don’t know yet if I’ll start my period this coming week or not. I’ll take thingies with me, just in case, as you never know. But, I have to say that I have had none of the usual symptoms that I have this time of the month. Again, no cramping, no soreness, no bloating, no nausea, and no irritability. Maybe they just took the uterus out and didn’t tell me. Whatever the case, so far, I’m very happy I had this done.

The other reason I’m happy about it is that when they do this, they also run many tests – hormones, internal ultrasound, etc. I’m always afraid that they will find something every single year when I go to the doctor for my yearly visit. I’ve always been afraid of it. I’m not sure why, but it always happens. Well, since they had to do all these tests, then I know that everything is hundy-dory. Nothing was out of place. No hormone issues. No weird thyroid. No tumors. No cysts. And the pathology report from the surgery came back clear. So, that gives me yet another sigh of relief, at least for this year.

I would highly recommend getting this procedure done. I also recommend making sure that you have a good doctor who knows what he or she is doing. If your doctor tells you that he can do it without an ultrasound or hormone tests, get another doctor. Do not cheap out on this, as without those, you don’t know what you’re burning off that could be important information. Also, make sure that you are aware of your own restrictions. If you don’t like general anesthesia, don’t do it. Yes, it’s scary as hell. Yes, it is one of the scariest things on the planet, but once they give you the Verset, you really don’t care. I didn’t, at least. My anesthesiologist looked to be about 30-35. She was fabulous and very smart. I expected a grumpy old man with an attitude. I don’t know why. I guess I just expect the worst. It’s part of being me.

Anyway, all is well on the uterine front, for now. I hope that I’m among my doctor’s 70% who never have a period again. I can’t imagine life without that monthly OMG issue where I have to constantly wear black pants and sit on a blanket in my office chair for fear of soiling it. I can’t imagine having a white office chair – ever – even leather. I have one white skirt. One. I rarely wore it before, but I’ll be wearing it all the time if this continues to work as well as it has to-date.

Go make a change in your life. It’s not all the scary hype that some post, at least not for me.

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