I’m Takin the Day Off

I took off today. First time since December that I have been off for a non-work trip or to work at my second job as an attorney. I needed a break. Saturdays and Sundays are nice, but just being able to get some business done during the week without having to rush around is pretty near nirvana.

We didn’t have much business to do, only changing my notary to a different county and setting up water service at our new home. It still felt like the day was very long. Perhaps it’s because I woke up at 4:15am, unable to go back to sleep. That most likely had something to do with it. Either way, it has been a very wonderful day of doing almost nothing.

I sat in my comfy recliner for hours. I even took a short nap this afternoon at one point. We had a nice lunch and them went out for dinner because we will probably stay in the rest of the weekend. We have a few things still left to pack up and do before the move. Some of it is little picky stuff like deleting items on the hard drive to the old computer before we donate it or whatever to someone or an agency. I want to go but a couple of rugs for the house, as well as some new lawn furniture cushions. The ones we have on both fronts are at least 6 years old and have been out in the weather for most of their existence. They have amazingly held up quite well but it’s time for something new. They are gathering holes and just getting really worn.

The new house will have so much more room than our current house, a rental, does. I am excited to have space to spread out and put my things in cabinets. I have had so much stuff in boxes for more than a year that I can’t even remember what some of it is! It will be fun to get it back out and use it. Or toss it, should I find that it is no longer useful.

One of the best things about moving 17 times is that I don’t have a ton of crap that is meaningless to me. I have a few things that I know I can toss, but for the most part, my things are things that I use or that we need. I will be buying some new bowls at some point as I got rid of my older sets a few weeks ago. Again, scratched, chipped, old. Funny. I gave one set to someone who chipped or scratched most of them. Karma.

So I will be starting over again. There is always hope at the bottom of Pandora’s box. Always. I hope that this move allows us the freedom to do what we need to do to make the rest of our lives amazing.

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