Yelling, and Being Yelled At

It honestly takes a very weak man to yell at a woman.  Be it a husband, a co-worker, a boss, or someone else.  Anyone who yells, without an emergency situation at hand, is out of line.  I was yelled at today.  It was out of line.  It was unnecessary.  It was something I would never do to my own staff, or anyone under me.  But the person who yelled at me thought, for whatever reason, that it was okay.  What this person fails to realize is that, after 14 years of being yelled at frequently at home, I will NEVER, EVER put up with it again from ANYONE.  EVER.

I think that a weak man yells at a woman because he thinks it will scare her.  Perhaps he thinks that it will intimidate her.  Perhaps he even thinks he will get his way.  Well, those people don’t know me.  They don’t know what I’ve been through.  They don’t know how I have SURVIVED.  They will never know me, because they won’t listen.  They will never know me.  The real me.  They don’t want to.


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