Oh the People You Will Encounter

January 3, 2113, 17:51 CST, West Point, Mississippi

We have encountered some pretty cool folks on our journeys this week. There was the gas station employee in West Point, Mississippi who told me that Tom’s Salt & Vinegar potato chips were the best of that particular flavor. There was the waitress at the Navarre Waffle House whose last name was Roll Tide. I know it wasn’t really her last name, but it was still way cool that they let her put it on her badge. She’d worked for Waffle House since 1995. There was the cashier at McDonald’s in Waynesboro, Mississippi who saw us let a little girl in front of us when the girl didn’t get the correct order. I think the cashier saw that we were nice and then was extra nice to us on return, even whispering to me the question of whether I wanted a boy or girl toy with my Happy Meal. The one I ordered for me, not for some child. I guess she thought I was embarrassed. It was funny. She also sympathized with me when Sweetie claimed we had not ordered a McFlurry, when in fact I had ordered one. Their ice cream machine was broken so they were offering me a milkshake instead. I needed the sugar for the long drive ahead or I would have forgone sweets entirely.

There was the waiter at Stinky’s just off Navarre Beach who went over all the ingredients in a salad we saw, and then relayed the fish special again, without becoming aggravated at this diner for her lack of listening skills. There was the lady from Nashville whose teenaged sons entertained themselves with firecrackers on New Year’s Eve instead of drinking somewhere, to our delight as we were able to enjoy their fun from our balcony. I helped her pick up the spoils the next morning on the sandy beach in front of the condo. She said I didn’t have to as they were her kids, but I said I wanted to, as we enjoyed the fireworks just as much as they had.

There was the airman in full air uniform in the CVS Pharmacy last night, hunting for chapstick just like we were. With the Naval Air Station so close by, it made me wonder if I was standing in the greatness of a Blue Angel pilot or even a trainee. There was the pretty cashier at the Publix food store, who could be anything she wants to be with a personality as nice as hers. There was the new owner of the Navarre Beach Pier bar and snack shop, his first day on the job on New Year’s, letting everyone on the pier to walk or fish for free before starting up on January 2. He was from the local area, which made me smile. I wondered how long he had dreamed of managing that pier.

There was the little girl on the Beach, searching for shells and finding several small sand dollars in the surf. She exclaimed that there were like 60! And that i should join her in the search. There were the fishermen and women on the end of the pier, with their poles, chairs, and buggies set up like a camp for fishing. There was the little girl with her family, her wearing striped tights and hot pink boots, her mom and dad close by, with her dad carrying her little brother tucked into his coat so that the boy could see where they were headed but keep warm as well.

We always encounter so many wonderful people on your journeys. This time, we did not encounter even one person for whom I have a bad memory. That is really cool. I’m sure it has something to do with the beach, surf, sand, and waves. 

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