An Hour Not Wasted

January 1, 2013, 16:07 CST, Navarre Beach, Florida

This afternoon, after several fairly gloomy and overcast days, the sun broke through the lingering storm clouds and peered its head around to say hello. It warmed the sand up on which my beach tent sat, warmed face, and cheered my soul.  I sat for a whole hour, doing. nearly nothing other than staring into the ocean and looking at the birds happily playing o. The splashing mist. The sun’s goodness even made the somber heron smile a bit more, knowing that fishing after a storm is always better than before the storm.

This hour of my life, unlike so many others, is not wasted, even though I am doing nothing other than sitting on the beach looking into the sun, to the west, and thinking about all the o the beaches my feet have fun upon. At the end of my life, as the says flash through my head, this will not be one of sorrow or regret, but one of peace and joy, for I have spent it doing exactly what I wanted to do. Absolutely nothing.

My life and my job are both very stressful. I rarely get a good night’s sleep anymore, as I am too worried about the next day, the previous day, or something that happened last week or that will happen in the future. With my new law practice in addition to my day job, I worry about following all the new rules, worry about keeping clients as informed as possible, and worry about how to move that to a full-time endeavor.  I wonder how I spent so much time studying and missed out on a lot of time I could have  been doing what I’m doing right now. But, I loved almost every minute of it, honestly, the learning, the crying, the wonderment of a new life before  me.  I do not consider those many hours wasted, either. I consider it absolutely amazing that I was able to pursue that dream.

As I sit here this afternoon, I wonder as I always do when I will see my next beautiful beach sunset. It seems as I get older I feel like there ar fewer and fewer of those available, and I would be a most happy girl if I got to see one every day. Every single day. I would never get tired of it.

The sun kisses the ocean, creating a truly magnificent sizzling sound, so real you can almost hear it in your head. The sun sets, the moon rises, and another day is over, another night is born. Another day awakes the next morn, giving everyone the ability to do something magical with the gift the day brings.

I have thought quite a bit about what my own New Year’s resolutions might be. I think number one on the list is to be more thankful for what I have. I have two friend valiantly fighting cancer, one nearing the end I fear. They are both very close to my age. I wonder what they wake to every morning, just being thankful, I suppose, for one more day with their loved ones. One more day to tell those around them that they love them, that they enjoyed their lives, and that they know that they don’t have much time left?  But shouldn’t we all do that?  No one really knows.  Taking those opportunities to be more thankful is one of my resolutions, for sure.

Another resolution is to get healthier. To eat less. To exercise more. To be able to do into a cute bikini before we go to Europe would be nice. I can do it. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. A relative once told me that the secret to life an old age is not to get fat. I like that mantra. I’m ready to give it a shot.

Finally, I’d like to be thankful for the .any beautiful sunsets I have seen and be thankful for the opportunities afforded to me to travel and see so many cool places. I hope to see many more this year.

There is an old saying, although the source escapes me right now, but it goes something like this:  Squander not time, for that is the stuff of which dreams are made.

I plan to use all my time up to the highest level possible. It is up to me to make mine a good life.

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