A Midnight Surprise, Beach Style

January 1, 2014, 12:05 CST, Navarre Beach, Florida

Last night was the best New Year’s Eve I have ever had. We spent the evening in the condo, for the most part, watching TV and having a few drinks of wine and beer. I cooked dinner, and we waited impatiently for midnight. I was so nervous, because it was the night of my surprise to my Sweetie!

I somehow managed to pull the whole thing off without a hitch and without him knowing that I was up to anything at all. I had a card, with French writing and a little Parisian guy on the front. It just said that I was ready for more adventures with my Sweetie. I also had a Fodor’s book on European ports of call. Finally, I had the invitation to a special birthday cruise. All three of these I had stuffed into my hoodie pocket and managed to get down to the beach without him noticing.

We watched fireworks most of the evening, from the balcony in the condo. There were a few being shot down the beach in Pensacola, along with the Pelican Drop, which is a beach version of the NYC ball drop, yet much cooler I think. I had a lantern that I had insisted that we bring with us.  I was set. He was in the dark. My plan was perfect.

At the stroke of midnight, I gave him a kiss, then I gave him the card. He smiled. Then I gave him the book. He was curious but just thought it was a suggestion on where we might go in the future. Then I gave him the invitation note. He looked at it, then at me and then read it again and said, “Really?”, to which I responded, “Yes, really.”  This went back and forth a couple of timed before he knew I was really serious.

I think he was pretty excited. I know I was certainly nervous. It’s not everyday the you spend th a kind of money and hope that it turns out in your favor.

Here is hoping your New Year’s dreams come true. Make 2014 a good one.

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