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I am still not off the high of Friday, September 6.  That was the day that I finally realized my long-term dream to become a lawyer.  My name appeared on page 4 of 10 in the “bar passage list” published online.  I literally cried for two solid hours.  I couldn’t even talk on the phone.  I could barely text.  There is no telling what I said to those who called.  I first texted my Sweetie, who didn’t tell me this dream was crazy, didn’t complain even one time, and encouraged me the whole time.  Then I texted my Mom and Dad, who have always been my supporters.  I talked to my sister next, and all I remember saying is that I passed.  I couldn’t say much else, because I was bawling my eyes out.  I know it sounds silly, but when you have thought about this for so many years, and it actually happens, the emotions are just about too much to bear.  But, I did.  I pulled through, and I kicked its butt.

I will probably get my scores tomorrow in the mail, as they were mailed on Friday.  I do care what I made, because I want to see if my fears were ungrounded or grounded.  I know I did well on at least two of the essays, and the MBE and I became swift friends the last 1/2 day, but other than that, I wasn’t really positive about how I did.  We’ll see. 

I am waiting to get sworn in, as I made a promise to a friend that we would get sworn in together.  The week of the 16th looks to be the time to be sworn in, officially, as a lawyer, which still sounds a bit strange to me, even after all I’ve been through to get here.  It will sound strange I think until it gets to be a normal thing.  Now, I can officially call myself an attorney, at least after I swear and then pay a fee. 

My Sweetie took me to eat at the restaurant in the hotel where we took the bar, and then we went to a bar – Willy D’s to be exact – which is where we had our first blind date.  So, it was a great night overall – and I will always believe that September 6 is now my very favorite day of the year.

I do believe in luck.  I took the bar on July 30-31, which were my grandmothers’ birthdays.  It’s 2013, and my father-in-law was the 13th heart transplant recipient in Arkansas.  September 6, the day that the results came out, was the date, in 1985, that I twirled my very first ballgame as a majorette in high school, and it was also the day that my sister went on her first (also blind) date with her wonderful husband.  It’s also the day that my all-time hero, Cal Ripken, Jr., played in his 2131st game in 1995.  I stood up for 30 minutes that night, watching the television, with tears streaming down my cheeks.  This September 6, I sat in my closet floor for about 2 hours crying my eyes out because my own dream had been realized.

It’s sinking in, but it’s going to take it some time.  I haven’t seen anyone I know other than Sweetie, one of our kids, and a friend at the piano bar.  Tomorrow at work will be fun, I’m sure. 

And then, we’ll see where this leads.  This opens up doors that I would not have had otherwise.  Bring it on.

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