A Christmas Gift, Most Appreciated

I will be honest. In my line of work, I don’t get many thank you’s. I mostly get complaints, which makes it hard to want to continue at times. It just seems like there is always someone who isn’t happy with what we do, most of the time simply because a color is not to their liking. It is pretty ridiculous, I believe, as aesthetics are so very subjective. I don’t mind getting these types of comments from those above me, but taking them from someone who has nothing to do with colors or art, or any other aesthetic thing is pretty difficult. I mean, I don’t tell them how to nurse, do I?

I was surprised at Christmas with my very first gift ever, in 13 years of working at my company, from a well-respected physician. It wasn’t anything big or expensive, but it made me feel like I had done a good job. It made me feel appreciated. It doesn’t take a lot, really, even something as simple as a a card or an email would be enough. This was like a bonus gift.

I believe that there is good in the world. I know th a sometimes it is very hard to find. I know that it doesn’t always come easily. I know you have to work for it. But, I also think that people tend to go out of their way not to be nice sometimes. And that is sad.

I also believe th a is something th a really needs to be changed. I can say for both me and my staff that even one thank you once a week will go further than money or any other reward. We don’t make as much as some of the other areas, but we do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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