What Happens in Tahiti, Well

Sunday, August 11, leaving DFW, 22:09

You know how the saying goes. What happens in Vegas stays on Vegas. Well, it is just no so with Tahiti. What happens there, you want to continue for a long time. The laid back lifestyle is just part of it. The French influences and people are another. Still another is the beautiful blue green ocean. The magic of Tahiti and her isles is something that one does not easily forget.

This evening, I told Sweetie several times that I simply had the desire to run screaming through the airport, running for any gate other than the one that will take me home. I miss my dog, and my electric blanket. I miss a few of my other worldly things, but nothing that could not be shipped to me in a other land. Nothing.

I have good friends, and I have a great family. I would miss them all, but probably not enough to stay in my current place. Someone once told me I was a nomad. I have come to admirers quality, rather than to try to change it. I might as well embrace what I have and possess instead of trying to fit into the mold. 

As always, when we leave vacation, I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach, the one that tells me that it will be a long while before we adventure again. I always hope, like Pandora I suppose, that this is untrue and that we will be soon on another adventure. This time, change is coming I am sure, and I am quite unsure, as a result, that we will be going anywhere anytime soon. I just don’t know what the next few months hold for me, or for him. We shall see.

Until then, I will relish to be photos and memories that we have from this latest adventure and hope for another soon to be.

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