Turning a Bad Day into a Happy Evening

Everyone has a bad day every now and then.  It’s those among us who can brush it off and turn it into a happy evening that are the true folks to emulate.

I’m unfortunately one who carries the suitcases right on home to unpack all evening. 

And today, I am done.  DONE.  DONE.  DONE. 


Because the next 6 days will be spend studying my last shot before the bar exam.  So, demons of the day, be forewarned.  Your licenses to use my brain power have been revoked.  You are being evicted.  I have already talked to the court, have the writ, and the sheriff is on his way to your house right now.  GET OUT.  And don’t ever come back.  EVER.

You are hereby notified that you are no longer going to occupy my brain at 2am like you did last night.  You can just stay where you belong, and that is not here.

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