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For the first time, my “bar exam counter” shows less than 10 days left to study before the bar exam.  Scary as that may seem, I know I can do it.  I may not pass, but I am giving it everything I have.  We will see if it’s enough on September 6 at approximately 4pm.  I may have to take off that day just so that I don’t throw up while pulling up the screen showing the results.

I turned off Facebook a week ago, and that has really helped.  My contacts with the outside world at this point are Twitter (so I can see the news), Pinterest (usually used about midnight so that I can just fall asleep quickly), this blog (to get the feelings I’m having out on paper), and my friends.  I am lucky to live in a place that is quiet, inexpensive, and comfortable.  I’m so very glad that we sold our house and were able to move before the bar prep started in earnest.  That would have been a nightmare.

So, today I must carry on, I must study and get more of this in my head.  There is a lot up there already, but I know there is room for more.  I see my brain as kind of a filing system at present, where I know I know the material.  I just have to be able to remember where I put it.

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