Tonight is the Night

Tonight is the night I have waited for for the past four years, really longer than that. Tonight my dream becomes real. Tonight is my last class of law school. Two open book finals and graduation are all that are left for this to be in the books.

How do I feel? How does one feel when one realizes that the dream’s realization is upon him? How does one feel when one has accomplished what he set out to do? Pretty damn good is how it feels. Pretty damn good.

It is also bittersweet. It is the night that we all start to go our separate ways. It is the night that we step one step closer to becoming lawyers. It is the night that we start on the journey for the bar. It is the night that we move ahead.

I cried today at lunch. I cried at my desk when REO’s Time for me to Fly came on my iPhone. It is time for me to fly. It is time for me to move on from law school and move ahead with the rest of my life. It will be a big change as I will not have this as a distraction from work and home. It will be a strange thing to be at home every night instead of in class. This is the place where people “liked me” no matter what my day at work was like. This was the place where I sort of got to start over on my youth that was detailed in my early 20s.

Tonight was wonderful, sad, scary and exciting all at the same time. Many more adventures await in the coming months. A new house, the bar, and changes at work. I can handle it bi have handled life so far.

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