I had a rather sobering heart to heart talk this weekend about attitudes and those around us. It brought to mind the way I felt in my former life, where most everything was not so good. It was sobering because I realized that I still hold onto some of the demons from the past, allowing them to enter my thoughts at random times,making me into a person I don’t always like. It is time for those things to go away.

This is not an easy journey, life, as it is not supposed to be. It can be made more difficult, thought, by the actions of others who do not have your best interest at heart. It can be made better,alternatively, by those who do. I want to be on  of the latter. One of those people who other people want to be around, not someone who people immigrate to avoid, as an 80s comedian said once.

Mindfulness starts today on our everyday existence. Make it happen. It is truly up to you.

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