April 1 D-Day

Well tomorrow is April 1, which is basically D-Day for those of us graduating from law school this semester. That is because that is the day that bar prep class payments are due, the day that the bar exam studying will truly begin in earnest, and the day that bar exam applications are due to the state agency who handles them. While I have the last two items taken care of already, I have quite a way to go on the final point. I have started studying briefly by listening to lectures and studying flash cards and sample MBE questions, which is probably more than most of my classmates can say. I won’t, thought, unlike most of them,be able to quit my job and have six weeks of uninterrupted study time for the bar.

I have wondered lately what I will do to manage my time while I am studying. I wonder if I will be able to stick to it, if I will get distracted like I do now reading the books I have for class. I wonder if the outcome in September will be a good thing or a bad thing. I wonder and I hope.

So as I enjoy my last Sunday without the bar exam looming, I think back to the beginning of this journey in December 2008, right after we moved into this house.  I wonder where we will be living by the time the bar exam rolls around in July, since our house sold in 11 days on the market. It is definitely a good thing, so we are excited but also apprehensive. At least we only have one child remaining at home, unlike 2008 when we had three. Our options are more open now than they were then, for many reasons. We were able to pay half of our land cost up front, which will all help when we take out our construction loan to build on our new five acre plot.

It is an exciting time, but it will be a busy time. But it will most certainly not be boring!

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