A New Chapter

We have been thinking about moving to another place for a while. Not necessarily a move to somewhere else else, like put of town, although that has been discussed. More like just somewhere where our neighbors aren’t so close by our house. We live on your typical 1/4 acre city plat lot in the middle of our suburb, and although that is typical, we are not. I grew up in the country, about 8 miles from town. Sweetie grew up in town,although his little town was a suburb of a suburb of a suburb, so you can’t really say that he grew up in town town. This parent’s lot is more like an acre or so, and the houses are spaced far enough apart that you can’t really see into their neighbor’s windows or anything lime you can ours. There were woods, of course, around my house, and there were woods surrounding his neighborhood. We love being away from people, and even when we travel, we usually like to find a really uncrowded beach or do something off the beaten path. For years I wanted to live in a hundred acre wood, with my house directly in the center of it. I got over that both because land is expensive and because I didn’t want to live 30 miles from town. I decided that I actually wanted to live in town. It was convenient, I wasn’t too far from work or the grocery store, and I didn’t have to worry about getting gas before leaving town do the night. But, it has its flaws as well. You are stuck on a city-sized lot, unless you have a million dollars to spend on a house. You have the dreaded dog-next-door. You also have the annoying neighborhood who truly believes it is her right to have pool parties at 2am because she doesn’t work during the summer. You also have the one-time taxes. So there are drawbacks to both propositions. Finally we grew tired of looking for a house in town on a lot large enough that we would not be bothered by people over the Wilson fence. We decided to look at land out of town, but not too far out of town. That way, the grocery store was still within reach and we would also have the peace and quiet we craved. We wanted trees. Not just a barren grassy lot to mow. We wanted at least 3 acres. We found it. We made an offer. They countered. We accepted. We signed the offer today and should close by month’s end if everything goes well. It is exciting. We plan to build our dream home. It will be yet another adventure with my Sweetie.

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