There are Winners and there are Losers

The stock market is a free trade area. There are daily winners, and there are daily losers. It is the nature of the game. It is like playing Chance but with real money. It is a fun hobby if you don’t get too serious and don’t put too much at stake. We invested a little bit of money in the markets, in some stocks that we picked out based on a wee bit of research but not too much really. Yes, I could have asked my friends who play the markets, but I wouldn’t have listened anyway. I just wanted to give it a shot and see what would happen. We have actually done pretty well, earning a little more than 1% over about a month, taking into account fees and everything. We have four different stocks, all publicly traded of course. That is much better than we would have warned d ha e we left it to rot in the bank and earn ,06% per annum, or whatever the going rate is these days. It is pretty amazing to see what one can do with stocks. Some days you are up and you cheer madly. Some days, like today, you lose your shirt and sniffle, but you still know that, like life, the market will have its ups and downs. It has been fun overall. We are not going to quit oh jobs and be day traders by any stretch of the imagination. But, we have learned enough to feel more comfortable with it all. Oh, if I had had money to buy stock in the 1990s. That would have been great!

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