Power’s Out at the Superdome

So we, like millions of other people, were watching the Super Bowl when the lights went out. Of course the jokes started immediately, especially those about Entergy. Why Entergy you ask? Probably because those folks who were most recently without power here in Arkansas for over a week due to a snowstorm are still a little miffed. Or more than a little.

Thankfully we are not on Entergy. We are on a local municipal power company that is great, low cost, local, and very responsive. We were out for about 5 hours, and it wasn’t bad at all.

The tweets and Facebook posts were pretty hilarious, and I of course had to add to the list. I had so many funny thoughts going through my head, but the one that kept popping back up was the picture I had in my head. Being a state away, and having been to NOLA several times over the past few years, I have a slight fascination with some of the traditions the city can lay claim to. One of these, of course, is voodoo. It didn’t help the there was a commercial about a voodoo type thing right during halftime.

So during the power outage, I just keep picturing a little old Creole lady on Tchoupitoulas with a voodoo doll in the shape of the Superdome, poking pins in the top and cackling an evil laugh. She has gray brown eyes, dark skin under her eyes like she is really old or extremely tired, and she is wearing an old flour sack dress with small flower print. Her shop is one of those tucked in shops that you wander in on a hot day in the summer, trying to escape the heat but instead finding yourself drawn back toward the back, unsure of you own motives. You buy something, probably a drippy candle or a bag of some foul-smelling potpourri that you have been told keeps zombies away. She is not evil but she knows evil.

And today, she performed her voodoo on the Superdome.

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