The Different Road, Making All the Difference

January 11, 2013 15:48, off the northern coast of Cuba

We have noticed quite a few differences, which we like, between Carnival and Princess Cruise Lines. I have listed a few below.

The “good” differences are:

On Princess, I have yet to see someone in a swimsuit in a public area other than the pool. 

People actually dress up for dinner, as required by the wait staff. No shorts or flip flops in the dining room.

There is no pushing and shoving during the sales or when boarding or getting off the ship.

I have yet to see one Looney Tunes or LSU t shirt.

No loud voices are ever heard, and no one runs up and down the halls at night (or any time, actually).

The shore excursions were less expensive, but better in our opinion.

There were not as many excursions from which to choose, which made the choices actually easier.

Of over 3100 people, there were 29 under the age of 18. I saw this in the free galley tour.

The ship offered a free galley tour after the culinary demonstration by the matre d and executive chef.  It also offered a free backstage tour of the theater, something I have never seen offer before. I have seen staff area tours before, costing upwards of $200, but these we free and great!

Every single staff member with whom we have come in contact has been courteous and helpful.  Everyone seems to want to help, not just ignore you or refuse to help.

There are so many quiet areas on the boat that one could actually get an inside or ocean view cabin and still have a great time.

Every day, the captain gives an update on where we are and what the weather will be like for the day.

The tenders are actually operated by Princess, which means they are safer and better managed and organized.

The music and noise from one area to another don’t mix, so if you don’t want to hear music or movies from one area to another, you don’t have to.

The way that the staterooms are constructed actually allow for more room inside the room with a separate dressing area. It is very nice.

The crowd is older, and as such, they mind their manners much better than younger people would.

The rooms were ready when we boarded, which meant we we not trapped in a lounge until then.

Even as first time Princess cruisers, we were treated very well.

I don’t know that we will ever cruise Carnival again, because we just like this crowd, the service, and the amenities so much better on Princess. There may be another line we like as well, and it .at be the time of the year during which we sailed this time, but it has just been night and day from last time. It has been so much better. 

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