Overboard on Board

January 9, 2013 19:51 in the Caribbean Sea

When we were in Ft. Lauderdale the other day, we took the boat out to the beach. On our tour, we saw the boat they used in Overboard staring Goldie Hawn. It was really cool, because that is one of my favorite movies ever. How completely cool it was, then tonight, for us to watch the movie whole on-board our cruise ship. Although we won’t be stopping at any other ports,we still have two full days at sea before we have to disembark. I have had such a great time so far, and I cannot wait to go on another cruise again soon.

I am very glad that we have decided to branch out to other cruise lines. I am so ever impressed at the passenger services and activities on-board. It has been quite a treat. I think that when we go on a longer cruise, it will be even better, as even less riff raff will be present.

I am a lucky girl. I went through many years being very unhappy. When people ask me why we go on so many trips, I think I am going to tell them that I am making up for all of those Spring Breaks I did not get to enjoy during high school or college. I have a boy 15 years to make up for, just in that regard!  I am also not going to wait until I am 70 to enjoy life. No one ever knows what the future holds. I think it is more important to take life ad it comes and try to enjoy it now instead of waiting until later. Yes, it may cause me to put off retirement for a couple of years, but that is better than retiring and then being too darn old or ill to actually enjoy it.

My advice for the evening is to do something you enjoy. Some people want to hunt or fish, others want to go to professional sporting events, and some, like me, just want to travel. I got the travel bug honestly, from my grandmother and my dad. My grandmother traveled a lot, going to the Holy Land and Europe in her 60s. She had these wonderful travel books that I loved to read when I was a kid. I loved the way it opened up my world and gave me possibilities for adventure. I have been traveling now for about 13 years, and I plan to keep doing it for many years to come.

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