I Miss the Stars the Very Most

January 5, 2013 9:50pm, on the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas

I grew up in the country, where the night sky was filled with as many stars as one could ever see on land. I have lived in the city for the majority of my adult life, so I have missed out on the Stars for many years. They hide behind the city lights in town, making them very difficult to see. Tonight, leaning on the railing from our balcony, I was once again reminded of bow much I truly miss the Stars, as there are millions to see on a clear night on the open sea.

I looked up in the sky she I first walked outside and I saw Orion’s belt, knowing that I was looking east. My dad, who worked thousands of nights as a wildlife officer, told me that once, in case I should ever get lost and not know which direction I was headed. I saw a falling star and made s wish (that I would pass the bar on the first try), knowing that that was the first falling star I had seen in at least six months time. I sat out on the balcony, amazed at the wonder that is Mother Nature. There is nothing more amazing than our planet.

I miss those stars when I am sitting at home in my suburban landscape, knowing that they are  there but unnoticeable because the lights on earth drown out those above it. I sit here tonight in amazement at the beauty that is the night sky, hoping for another day,and another chance to experience the joy of the stars.

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