Don’t Miss the Boat

January 9, 2013 21:30 somewhere off the coast of Jamaica, or will be soon

Every single cruise we have been on, we have enjoyed watching the goofy people who wait until the last minute to get back on the boat after a port day. They are goofy, because they end up running down the pier so as not to get left at the port. This cruise has been no exception, and on this cruise, the ship’s Passenger Services group goes one step further. They actually call out the name and cabin number of the missing people so the they can check in and let the ship staff know they are on board, even though the computers somehow missed them. So, not only do the late goofy passengers appear goofy for running, everyone on the ship also knows their names and cabin numbers.

This time it was a couple with an Indian-sounding name, cabin Aloha 204.  The ship staff called out for them three or four times yesterday when we were leaving Curacao. The ship’s crew finally pulled up the fantasy, and we steamed toward Aruba. We never heard the outcome of this little oops, so of course tonight when we had time, we had to go to the Aloha 204 to check out the situation for ourselves.

Every day, the ship’s staff leaves important messages and such in the little slot outside your cabin door. On that same slot is a card with the occupants of the rooms listed, a la “Mr. Jerry Lopez and Ms. Hannah Lopez.

Of course we remembered the names from last evening as well, since the called them out over and over.

The sight we found at the door to Aloha 204 was not a shock, although it did confirm our suspicions. The door mail slot was filled with both yesterday’s and today’s ship newsletter as well as other stuff. It was quite apparent that the couple either decided they liked Curacao enough to immigrate immediately, or they might have been looking for a ride back to Florida.

Either way, they got left on the island, or so it appears to this sleuthy traveler.

Yes, the ships do leave behind people who don’t get back on-board. Yes, this ship announced the name  of those folks who were left behind. Now, 3,000 people know that someone actually did miss the boat.  I think the humiliation of that, alone, would probably cause me to never retrieve my baggage from the cruise line. I think I would just try to pretend I had never gone at all.

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