A Difference of Attitude

January 6, 2013, 8:26pm, south of the Bahamas in the Caribbean Sea

We decided not to go to dinner tonight and instead the out the buffet. The buffet here is much nicer, as is everything else apparently, than others cruises upon which we have traveled. The buffet today, for instance at breakfast had a couple of the selections from last night’s dinner on it. Yes, they were appropriate for either breakfast or dinner, as they were the vegetarian selection from the menu last evening. I actually had the selection, and it was quite tasty. Other than a bit of ham this evening and bacon this morning, I have almost had an entirely vegetarian 24 hours. It feels pretty good actually.

I lost about 35 pounds a little more than a year ago. I have kept most of it off, only gaining about 6 pounds back, but those six have settled in spots they were not in be for, so I am trying to watch what I eat so that I can make sure that the efforts I put forth to lose the weight were not in vain. I don’t want to be the girl who wears a different size every Christmas.

Anyway, the difference in attitude on the ship versus the last ship we were on is immense. The  wait staff at the buffet asks you for your drink selection, and they will bring you anything, not just tea or water. That means that once you go to the table to sit down with your food, you don’t have get back up to get a drink. This saves time and, most of all, the hassle of waiting in yet another line. It also keeps the riff raff down. The wait staff also give suggestions on what drinks are available. For the first time ever, we bought a soda/smoothie drink card. We thought that it included sodas and some smoothies, but it also covers mixed drinks without alcohol. We tried one tonight, a Key West cooler, and it was quite good.

The people on this boat also don’t push and shove one another. I am not a snob, but I will admit that I do have some snob tendencies when it comes to dealing with people sometimes.  I did not grow up, go to college, and get a good job to have to put up with rude people on vacation. Looks I told Sweetie today, I did not come on vacation to deal with who’s who in Jorts and Wally World 3am on a Tuesday night. I want to get away, to be with people who make me feel comfortable and who sit next to me and I am not afraid to leave my bag on my chair when I go get drink. The people on this cruise are the type I like to be around.

It had been a good day overall. We went to a beautiful beach, and we did not get a sunburn. We didn’t get pushed around at dinner. We didn’t get attacked by 50 people wanting to take our photo at every turn.  We had a nice dinner in a regular buffet dining room where we were still waited on by wait staff.

It was definitely a difference of attitude.

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