New Year, New Year

So, it is the new year. What this means for me is unknown, as it is for nearly everyone. Who knows what the year holds in store for me. Who can predict the future?  What it for sure means, though, is that the old year is no more. All the bad or unnecessary things that happened in2012 are history – a thing of the past. We will never again live in 2012, unless of course there is a time machine that will take us back to the past at some point in the future.

Why anyone I know would want to return to 2012 is a mystery to me. Perhaps for some, 2012 was a year for the history record books. Perhaps someone got married in 2012; perhaps someone had a baby then.  Perhaps someone discovered the cure to some horrible disease; perhaps someone won a gold medal at the Olympics. None of those things happened to me last year, but overall, personally, it was much better than 2011. I think at this pace, 2013 will be a most excellent year. I hope so, anyway.

Sometimes I think I read too many novels or watch too much TV.  There is so much that is untrue in the world of television. People don’t always turn to evil once they have been wronged. People don’t always have an arsenal at their disposal to use in case the “bad guys” show up at their houses. People don’t always have the worst disease possible given their symptoms. People don’t always win or lose at the race track or casino. It is all really a fiction, based on what the author or screenwriter wanted to use for his or her storyline. It is a fiction to sell, not real life and not something on which people should dwell.

Even reality television is a fiction. Recent reports, although not confirmed nor even promoted believed by this writer, say that some reality tv programs set the stage for what people really want to see, not taking into account the reality of the situation at hand. Setting up “reality” TV in a way that makes it more interesting also makes it a little less “reality” but does help sell ads and keep people watching. It is all about the marketing, really.

My wish for this new year, to each of you, is to live in your own reality and make it into the reality you wish to follow. Make your reality the stuff of you dreams, whatever those dreams may be.

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