Well yesterday we woke up to the most snow we have seen in about 25 years. I measured our front yard, and we had 13 inches!  Now to those of you in Colorado or the northeastern US, this may sound like nothing.  To those of us in the south, where the low number of both snow plows and Decent snow drivers combine to make the roads a complete joke, 1, much less 13 inches of snow may as well be 50″!  It took my sister nearly 2 hours to make an hour-long trip to work today, and for whatever reason, the stores become devoid of bread and milk about 20 minutes after the weather stations announce the impending storm.

So yesterday morning I went outside and tried to clean up some snow from the tree limbs so that the limbs would not break off. We have a Japanese  maple tree that lost three limbs but seem to be okay since the snow came off and the limbs are no longer leaning toward the ground.  I will have to cut back some crepe turtles, but they needed to be cut back anyway.  I will also probably have to cut back some of the azaleas in the front yard, but both will grow back soon enough.  Like life , things .in life frequently grow back and get even better quickly.

For now, we are enjoying  the tragic beauty of the wonderment of a very rare snow event in out southern  state.

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