I Feel Like I Will Never Finish This Paper–Shiny Things Distract Me

I am trying desperately to finish a paper before finals start on Wednesday.  The paper isn’t due until December 21, but if I don’t finish it before finals, I’ll be distracted by it until I do.  It’s driving me mostly crazy, as I can’t seem to nail down all the discussion points as there are just so many from which to choose.  The paper is on religion’s effects on marriage laws in the United States, in particular its effect on same-sex and interracial marriages throughout history.  One of my favorite all-time cases is Loving v. Virginia, and I used that as the basis.  I just can’t seem to get over to the other side of the argument, as I keep getting hung up on the vast number of cases that are out there that relate to the subjects.  I know it’s not helping my timeline writing this blog entry, but I had to have a distraction for a few minutes as the coffee, cases, and ALWD manual (joy!) are about to get the best of me.

I love to write.  I really, really do.  I love to do research.  This paper, though, could be a book instead of a 20-page paper.  That’s the problem.  I should probably have narrowed down the subject matter, but I really wanted to write about how the two types of marriages are similar and related in case law.

Oh well, back to it, I suppose.  This has been a good distraction for a few minutes, but with little time to spare, I have to ditch this entry and run.

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