I dreaded this test so much! But the questions were just like on my legal professions class. I felt totally prepared once I sat down and saw how they were written.

I ended up taking it in Phoenix, because Sweetie was in town for a meeting. I love Phoenix this time of the year. Sunny days, warm temps with coolness in the evening that allows one to wear a jacket. Ahhh. Just about perfect. Like southern Cali.

Today’s experience was made even better because the folks at Grand Canyon University were fabulous! They were nice, courteous, and they even let me put my bags in an office away from the testing site, since I was traveling from out of town.

To top it off, I had the best cab driver ever! He picked me up, talked the whole way (which took my mind off the test :)) and then even came back to pick me up when I texted him. Excellent service, and he was super cool, too, regaling me with stories of “people he’s driven around before”.

So, overall, the experience was good. I’m glad I didn’t throw the study materials in the pool like I wanted to yesterday morning.

Just as a study note for those out there – I found an online Kindle version of practice questions and the actual MRPC book more helpful than either Kaplan or Barbri. That’s my experience, so it may not be yours, but I don’t think the questions on either of the latter helped me nearly as much as the other methods.

We’ll see, in about 5 weeks!

Until then, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day here in Phoenix and hope for a Gators win!

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