Leaving Grand Bahama

8/9/12 4:47pm CDT, in the Caribbean

So we just set sail from Grand Bahama, headed west toward Key West. We were supposed to stop in Key West earlier this week, but due to a Navy ship being in port at Key West, we had to change our itinerary. No harm, no foul, since we still get to port there.

Our balcony is on 7, mid way on the very back. Love it! Very quiet, larger balcony than on the sides, and since there are only 21 balconies across the back of the ship, it is super nice. We have 2 friends who have sailed with rear balconies before, and one liked it, while one didn’t, because the breeze is different. It is, but you also have so much more room, actual chaise lounge chairs, plus you get more shade simply because of the way the boat sails and its relative position to the sun.

Like I said, we are on 7. Cabin 7448 to be exact. The people on 8 get the noise from the Lido Deck chairs and eatery, while the people on 6 get the nightclub music in the evenings. We get neither, and it’s honestly perfect.

Yesterday, we were told that Sweetie could not buy any alcohol, so not knowing why, we went down and ended up talking to the assistant manager of Security (like for the whole ship). I could still buy drinks, and we don’t drink much, so it wasn’t that big a deal, but we still wanted to know why. Apparently someone (crew) put in the wrong folio number (and didn’t double check the name), getting Sweetie confused with someone who apparently got in a fight on the boat. The scariest thing there is that whoever that idiot was is probably still wrecking havoc since he’s still able to buy alcohol. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

It was a really nice day on Grand Bahama. The capital city is Freeport, and we’d heard that there wasn’t much to do. This is true, if, unlike us you go on cruises to shop. For us, it’s all about culture and the beach, so we actually really enjoyed it.

Tip: if you go, go to Teina Beach, and don’t rent a chair/umbrella. There are some nice spots just off the sand under some fabulous pine trees. A towel, good book, and some sunscreen were all we needed. You can get lunch there, and it’s reasonably priced, with good selections. It’ll cost $14 round trip by cab to get there, but for the both of us$ 28 for a day at the beach was perfect. It was a nice beach, with some seaweed and a few rocks, but great for swimming or snorkeling. The offer jet skis and banana boats if you’re interested. Changing and restroom facilities are also available at no charge.

After a great day, we are now headed out of port, just behind the Carnival Dream. A magnificent ship, which we hope to sail upon one day soon.

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