281 days

8/9/12 7:05pm, somewhere in the Caribbean

281 days until we finish law school, those of us who started together as part-timers and haven’t switched to full-time yet, anyway. We saw some of our classmates graduate in May, and we will see more graduate in December. Perhaps I should have pushed myself for December, but with work and all, I just didn’t think I could, plus I absolutely want the pomp and circumstance of a real graduation ceremony, knowing I’m done and it’s over.

When I started this journey, I didn’t think about the DAYS it would take, only that it was about “4 years”. 4 is a much-smaller number than 1400+, so saying the days then sounded really bad. Now, with less than one year to go, the days sound smaller. At some point it will be down to hours. This is scary, in a way.

What will I do when I get out? Will I stay where I am? I don’t really want to continue in my same job. Will I get an offer? With the job market the way it is, that may be doubtful. I have a few contacts; we’ll see what happens.

But, for now, it’s 281 days until classes are over, the bar is ahead, and the journey is complete. I waited nearly 15 years to start the journey. It won’t hurt to wait 281 days to finish it!

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