So today we’re on another adventure, this time headed to NOLA to catch a cruise ship to the Keys and the Bahamas. Should be a good time, but best of all, I won’t be reachable for a week. No phone, no email, no internet. Yes, I know they have that stuff on the ships, but I can truthfully say I don’t even know where it has been located on any of the 6 ships I’ve had the pleasure to sail upon over the past 7 years. I won’t find out on this one, either.

I like being on the ocean, as the reader can gather from earlier posts. I love the freedom one has when sailing on the open sea. I still believe I would love to take a trans-atlantic or world cruise, just to see if I could ever truly get my fill of that feeling.

Our trip today, as it always does when going to NOLA, took us through Transylvania, LA, home of the water tower with black bat. I usually wait to call my Dad when we’re driving through that little spot on the map, as he really gets a kick out of the town. I usually get “Monster Mash” going through my head, and I did today as well. I know it’s not “the” Transylvania, but it’s the only one I’ve ever seen, so it counts.

Hope your travels are good, if you are traveling. Enjoy the sight along the way and the company of you friends.

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