Book Contests & A Million Emails

Last weekend, a student from my school with good intentions decided to have a contest to loan one of her supplements to another student.  The responding students merely had to answer a few philosophical questions in order to be the lucky winner of the use of the supplement for next fall. 

First, you are probably wondering what a supplement is.  Perhaps you’re not.  I know that when I started in law school I certainly hoped that the $120 I spent on the contracts textbook was enough.  It was, but only because I had a most excellent professor.  For some other courses, though, that same textbook price has gotten me and most of my friends nowhere.  This is where a supplement comes in.

A supplement, hornbook, or whatever other devilish name one may use for them, are the books that actually teach you what you need to know for the test.  Much like Cliffs Notes in college, hornbooks will cover your butt if you haven’t read all that you should have, although they most likely won’t save you from reading the cases. 

I’m a nerd, and I read for every class.  I think I’m paying too much of my very own money (not Mom and Dad’s, or those ethereal student loan creatures I’ve heard so much about), and I think that my I owe my family, my professors, and frankly myself the effort to actually read for class.  I know it may sound nerdish, but I have a good GPA and am proud of what I’ve accomplished.  If that means I have to read for class, oh well.  Hornbooks don’t help me as much as some others, I think.

So, back to the heroine of our story.  She posted this on our listserve email, and unfortunately was bombarded with nasty emails about how people shouldn’t have to participate in a contest to get to use her book, or that she should just sell it instead.  Regardless of what one believes about her fairly philosophical beliefs, it was her book and she could really offer it however she wanted.  I’m thinking of just giving my two Law Skills books away just because I dreaded the class so much and want to offer any sympathy vote possible to those who have to take it next year.  (I ended up loving the class, mostly because we had like the coolest professor ever.)

Anyway, after about 50 emails on the subject, I think no one really answered her questions.  I don’t know for sure.  There may be a 2L out there overjoyed that they didn’t have to buy the book.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s a 2L actually paying for his or her law school experience like I am – right out of my own pocketbook.

Did I mention I got two scholarships today?  Oh yeah, this girl is rocking the house!

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