Funny Things on the Way to Work, Round 2

This morning, I went the backstreets because the freeway was a joke.  It was literally a parking lot.  Apparently some idiot hit the river bridge across town, so everyone decided to use MY river bridge to get to work. 

Going downtown, I pass by a high school, and right next to that is a donut shop.  It’s not unusual to see at least 2 or 3 cop cars at the donut shop every time you pass by this particular area.  I’m not sure if it’s that we just have a lower amount of donut shops in our town or if they just like that one best.  Anyway, this morning, not only were there two cop cars, but also the Sheriff’s van (like the one they transport the prisoners in) was parked out front.  This, of course, made me wonder if they’d already dropped off the prisoners at court, or if they all went in for a chocolate covered sprinkles donut with a chocolate milk, or if the sheriff took their orders and went into to get them all a donut of their choice, or if the sheriff just left them in the car while he went in to get a donut and coffee for himself.  My bet is on the latter.  +

But, of course, we know that it’s not actually the Sheriff anyway.  It’s just a deputy.  The sheriff never drives the van.  He drives a fancy car.  But, it does make me wonder why it says “Sheriff” on the side of the van.  Why doesn’t it say “Deputy Sheriff”?  Do they think that putting “deputy” in front would make it any less scary for a potential felon?  I can just see it now…two thugs hanging out on 12th Street.  One sees the “Deputy Sheriff” van pull by, and says to a friend, “Oh man.  No worries.  He’s just the deputy, not the sheriff.”  

The other strange thing this morning was that I decided to listen to the classical music station.  Why?  Because I thought listening to hard rock would probably make me scream at the first person I ran into in my office this morning.  So, I’m driving along, listening to the sweet sounds of a trumpet, piano, and some opera singer, thinking to myself that this is real mental therapy.  Then, a few minutes later, a commercial comes on the radio.  It says that this station is sponsored by the local hospital’s mental health institute.  I thought that was, of course, quite appropriate.


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