14 February, 2012 11:17

Weird Thing I Saw Today on the Way to Work

I got behind a car today, and followed it for many blocks before I noticed that there was something somewhat amusing about it. The car’s back window had a tiger sticker of some sort adhered to it, although it was peeling off a bit. The license plate cover had little paw prints all around it. They looked to me to be cat prints, not dog prints, just by the shape of each print. The funny thing, though, was what the license plate said.

It was a regular license plate, straight from the DMV, bought without a “personalized” appeal. It was the typical three numbers/three letters variety, and although the numbers weren’t that important, it was the letters I found funny. They were LEO. As in lion. With the paw prints and the tiger sticker, I wondered if this was simply a coincidence or if the person asked for a LEO plate that just happened to be available at the time she/he went to get her/his tags.

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