Sometimes You Just have to Ditch the Stupid People in Your Life

Sometimes you have to.  You just have to step back and say to yourself, “Self.  It’s time to get off this hamster wheel with this idiot and go roll on the floor for a while.”  So, you do.  It takes time, but you can do it.  I’ve done it many times, some more difficult separations than others.  But, every time, I’ve made it through just fine.  It’s just painful for a bit.

My current ditchee is someone who made my life really bad for a bit.  What this person did was reprehensible, and it changed the way I felt about life to a certain degree.  I’ve moped around, thinking about it for a while now, but today I made a decision.  DITCH IT.

That’s right.  Just ditch it.

The reason I came to this conclusion?  I was sick of thinking about it.  I was sick of thinking about how the person made me feel.  I was tired of thinking that I should have been better prepared.  I was just sick of the whole thing.  Then…I remembered that when you don’t like most other things in life, you just ditch them if you can, right?  So, why in the world would I not ditch this person?  I cannot allow this person to take up any more of my time and energy. I have too many other things to do.  More important things.  Like deciding where to go on vacation or what I’m going to have for breakfast.  Or anything, really.  I truly cannot think of anything that is less important than this person.  So, she/he is gone.  Vamoose.  Out-of-here.

It won’t be totally easy.  Not as easy as I am making it sound of course.  It will be tough for a while, but like most other things – like eating badly for instance – it’s a process of elimination – eliminating this person from my mind will take a bit of time and energy, but at least it’s energy well-spent.  It’s not energy spent grinding my wheels on nothing.

Nothing.  Yep, that’s basically what I think of this person.  She/he is nothing, means nothing, and will have nothing else to do with my thoughts.

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