My Man Maurice, Keeping Me Going

So, we returned to law school Tuesday.  Today’s Thursday.  I think, once again, that I am totally insane for doing this.  But, tonight when I was writing a basic demand letter to my husband’s timeshare company, I remembered why I wanted to do this, yet again.  It’s more to help the good guys win than the bad guys win, really.  Either way, the letter was hard-core interrogatory type writing, and it should make an impact on the reader for sure.  We’ll see.  We’re sending it certified mail, so at least we’ll know they got it, eh?

Anyway, Maurice – who is he?  Well, at our law school, they have several paintings of various judges and others who made a difference in the field of law over the years.  One of them is our namesake, Mr. Bowen, who they honored several years ago by naming the law school after him.  He looks like a nice guy, although I don’t know much about him and have never met him.  Another is Judge Henry Woods.  For a while, I had him as my desktop on my cell phone, just to remind me why I’m there.  He’s wearing his robes and looks very fatherly and very judge-like and nice at the same time.

Then, there is Maurice.

Maurice resides at the end of the hallway where some of the 2L classes are held.  I went for an entire year looking at him every night as I went to class in room 505, wondering what he was like as a person.  I wish I could have met him.  I would like to tell him how many nights his face kept me going as I struggled to find the energy, time, or commitment to continue on this journey.

They recently repainted the law school, over the fall break.  They haven’t yet hung the paintings back up, which is a bit disturbing as they have left them leaned up against the walls in the adjacent classrooms.  So, for the first week of class at least, I have sat, not as usual in the benches outside class staring at Maurice, but inside my classroom while class was going on, with his face staring back at me.  It gave me hope for the future.

We got grades yesterday.  Overall, mine were good.  Given what I had going on last semester and what I have going on at work, I am very proud to say I have a 3.28 in law school.  I’m hopeful that I’ll even perhaps have one top paper this semester.  We’ll see.  If not, that’s okay.  I feel like the paper I wrote could change the law in our state, with regard to arson and felony murder.  Maybe one day I’ll take it up with the Legislature!

And all of this is not only due to my family, my wonderful supportive husband, my dog, my boss, and my co-workers, but it’s also due to a man named Maurice, who I have never met but wish I could.

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