First Day of Class

Well, tonight is the first day of class for the Spring semester.  The class is filled with UnderLs, which is what we, or at least I, call the lower classmen.  They can be quite annoying, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, mainly because they think they know everything about everything where most know nothing about everything and very little about something.  Through no fault of their own, they just aren’t old enough to know anything yet.  Give them the 20 years of experience I have, and tell them to come back and tell me what I don’t know that they do.

Anyway, I am certainly hoping that more people show up for this class or I feel that the semester will be most awful, for this class at least.  12 people in a classroom that will hold about 65 is really unnerving.  Getting called on will be horrible.  Let’s just hope they are waiting out in the hall afraid to come in.  Or maybe they have some illness and are puking in the restroom.

I wonder if I should move to the other side of the room.  I mean, sitting over here alone mostly is very disconcerting.  Yeah!  Some other people just showed up.  But, I am still the lone soldier in this row.  Argh.

Anyway, another night, another time away from my family.  I have already decided that if I get one of the mean teachers in a class where we don’t get to choose our teachers, I will drop the class.  It’s a required class, but I’ll just take it later.  I am frankly too darn old to put up with much crap, especially from someone who is most likely younger than I am.  Also, this semester anyway, with opening this building, it’s really close to the bottom of my list.


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