10 Things I'm Certain Of

The ten things I know to be absolutely certain have changed over the years. The current list:

1. My dog loves me, unconditionally.

2. My parents love me.

3. My husband loves me and is a very good person.

4. The moon affects the tides.

5. The beach speaks to me in a way that no other place ever will.

6. Some people will always have their kooky thoughts, and there is nothing I can do to change that.

7. Some people will always be nasty to other people to get ahead in their own lives, and there is nothing I personally can do to change that on my own, although as a group, if we banded together, it could be changed.

8. The stock market will go up and down.

9. Recycling is a good thing to do for the planet.

10. Most caring people will always like handmade gifts.

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