2011 in 12 Sentences

January – It was cold.

February – We celebrated 6 years of being together plus our unanniversary along with Kara.

March – It was stormy.

April – It was good to know that 20 years had passed quickly and there wasn't anything to celebrate on the 30th.

May – Well…let's just say a certain someone had a certain birthday she'd rather not talk about.

June – Decided that once you turn 40, you just don't give a hoot about a lot of things anymore.

July – We didn't get to go to ASHE. Disappointed as it was in Seattle.

August – We had a great time in New York and Canada.

September – We took our first trip to Bonita Springs and fell in love with the place.

October – This was, by far, the longest and most horrible month of my entire life.

November – I wrote a paper on felony arson murder that took up most of the month, honestly.

December – We had four holiday parties in two weekends. We were exhausted!

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