Last Day at the Beach – Dolphins!

So it’s our last day at the beach. 😦 I’m sad, but, like last time, I know we will be back again as soon as we can. Our landlords have been most excellent, and I highly recommend this place. Send me a message if you want the contact info. The photo on this post is from the back deck. Since it’s off season, we got the place for $111 per night – a steal for this view and this weather, especially compared to where we came from!

So yesterday, we were just sitting on the beach, enjoying some sun, and watching the pelicans hunt fish. Then, all of a sudden, a 3-foot shark came up, about 3 yards from the beach. We saw the dorsal fin first off, and we thought it might have been a dolphin, but since it had a pointy snout, a pointy dorsal fin, and didn’t come up for air, it had to be a shark. The water’s pretty cool right now, so we didn’t have to worry about swimming with him, but it was a fairly harmless (from what I’ve been told) nurse shark. We followed it down the beach a ways until it went under for good.

This morning, we thought he was back. Standing on the deck, Sweetie said that our friend was back, so I ran for the camera. It turned out to be, instead, a wonderful school of dolphins! Not something you’d see that often in our landlocked hometown. Only my secind sighting ever, the first being off of a catamaran on the Napoli coast of Kauai about 4 years ago. It was the coolest sight this morning. There were about 6 of them from what we could tell, and they were having breakfast. The fish were jumping up out of the water. The dolphins were gliding gently up and down, chasing after the fish. We watched them for about 15 minutes while standing on the beach. They were about 20 yards offshore. It was, I’m sure, the highlight of my month.

So, today, it will be our final morning at the beach for a while. I feel very comfortable here in this town. I want to move here and leave all the other crap behind. We’ll see how that turns out.

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