Nothing But The Beach

We love this place. It’s like home, only it’s not 29 degrees and there is a beach. Oh, and no pesky neighbors, kids, or jobs. This is paradise, I’m prety sure.

Waking up to this every day? Why, yes, I think I will. I am certain I could get used to it, without any problems. Why? Please see paragraph one, above.

Seriouslly, we have been here twice since September. We have been looking at beach life for several years, contemplating where we would move, if we could, and if we could find jobs and just ditch the other stuff we have. I mean, at this point, all we’d really have to do is sell the house, sell the truck, and we’d be debt-free. We owe nothing else to anyone, and that feels great. For the first time in my adult life, I actually feel perfectly good about my finances. It took me a long while to get here, but I have arrived. Even if we had to get lesser-paying jobs, it would be okay, since we owe nothing. Food, electricity, and water doesn’t cost much. Health insurance really is the only biggie out there, and it is possible to get a catastrophic policy for not very much money.

Like I’ve told Sweetie, just say the word, and my bags are packed in less than an hour. If we bought a place that was fully furnished, we could sell ours the same way, or just part it out and move along. I can do it; I just need the word.

I am excited about the possiblity of it. I get tired of tornadoes, cold winters, hotter-than-hell summers (with no breeze!), and exes. I am ready to branch out and do something on my own, with Sweetie of course.

Someone asked me the other day how long I’d stay in my present job after I get out of law school. I told him I couldn’t answer that, since I’m not sure. I really can’t, as things could change tomorrow. I could find a clerkship tomorrow. I could find a job I like better, maybe even one with less stress. I could decide that I don’t want to do the moves into the building and just bail. Actually the last one does sound quite promising! I could do lots of things.

I’ve worked since I was 13, doing odd jobs, being a veterinary technician, a secretary, a bookkeeper, a designer, a planner, a real estate broker of sorts (for my company, not on the market). I could go back to doing any of those things, or something else. I believe that people think I’m too scared or hung up on doing what I’m doing now, thinking that I am too close to graduation to move along.

Watch me.

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