The Port of New York

The Port of New York is a cool place to be. It sits between Jersey and NYC, so from a ship at the dock, one can see both the skyline of NYC and Newark. There are so many ferries going back and forth it appwars there are no need for any bridges. One can also see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

There are parking decks on each of the main cruise ship piers, and with a clear sky, like today, it’s readily apparent that the bustle of the city is overwhelming to a small town person. I can see why folks from small Southern towns want to avoid the city, if they are too shy or scared to venture out.

We heard the Coast Guard warning a few minutes ago telling a ship that it was too close to the other ships in the area. Security in NYC is unbelievably tight. I can only imagine what the airport security check-in will be like on our way back out of town.

The ship painters have been working outside our balcony and the ones adjacent all afternoon, making repairs and keeping the ship’s hull not only bright and white but corrosion-free.

We set sail in a couple of hours. We will be on deck, watching as we all pass by the Statue and the NYC skyline, headed north to our destination.

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