Things Teens Say While on Vacation

So today we had our two girls with us in NYC. Sometimes kids just blurt out things, but it seems to me that teens are really good at saying really goofy things sometimes. Today’s experiences included the following:

The oldest daughter was trying to remember the name of her stuffed penguin. Her boyfriend (BF) named him, and it was “a long name”. She couldn’t remember it, even after about an hour, and we were all trying to guess. She kept saying it rhymed with fellow.

After I guessed every name I could think of, she was getting aggravated. She finaly said, “It rhymes with fellow but not yellow.” Um, yeah, that made total sense.

The name? Donatello. The only Ninja Turtle I remember from my younger days.

We were headed toward Ground Zero today, after we left the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Our girls, now 14 and 16, were really too young to remember September 11. It’s sad in a way, as they’ve never known the world with that piece of history.

The 16-year-old, of fellow-not-yellow fame, asked when we were going “to see zero gravity,” to which we just looked at her and said, “What?”. Then, we realized what she meant – Ground Zero.

And finally, when we were at the Statue of Liberty, we were talking about the lady herself, and her robes, crown, and such. The 14-year-old said something about “the date on that book in her hand” and how that must have been when the statue was built.

My husband just looked at her, rolled his eyes, and said that that was actually the date of the US’s independence from Great Britain. To this, she replied, “How am I supposed to know what year we gained our independence?”.

I simply do not want to even fathom what they are not learning in school these days!

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