Toy Fads From My Childhood Days

When I was a kid, Fisher Price, legos, and Lincoln Logs were king. Thankfully, I have always liked building things and putting things together, so I loved the Lincoln Logs. I also had several FP items, and some hot wheels cars too. A lot of my friends had Barbie dolls, but I never liked them, so I really only had like one. I liked stuffed animals a lot, and I had enough of those to start a farm. I remember when I would go to sleep, I would ring may bed with the stuffed animals so that the boogie man wouldn't get me. There seemed to be a lot of boogie men in my room at night. I think it was all of the strange movies my parents would watch.

I remember a discussion that a friend of mine and I had when we were in about the fifth grade. She had a little sister, and the Strawberry Shortcake dolls were in vogue then. We lamented our plight of being born too early to really enjoy those toys, since we had been stuck with so much less-quality toys. We felt cheated!

I remember playing with the hot wheels cars at my grandmother's house. My uncles were only a few years older than I was, so they had left their old toys at home when they moved out. I was the granddaughter, so it was a little awkward to play with the boy's toys, but I loved them. There was this ramp thing, and I remember is was orange plastic. You could take the hot wheels, put them on the ramp, and make the cars go all the way around the tracks. I have such fond memories of those cars.

So, when I was growing up, it was not so much what the popular toys were, it was more of what toys were available. I loved the ones I had access to back then. I wonder where that orange ramp is now, if it even still exists. My grandmother has been gone for over thirteen years, so it is highly and sadly most likely that it does not.

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