Selling Books Back – Sweet and Sad

Today, I mailed three books to their new owners.  It’s a sweet but sad thing.  It’s like saying goodbye to friends and enemies at the same time.  You spend so many hours of your free time with them, that you feel like you know them, you know their other book family members, and you know the ways they can make you so aggravated that you want to scream.  But, you know them, inside and out, by the time the semester is over, for sure.

As usual, I sell on Amazon.  I like Amazon because I have a free shipping account, so I like to pay them back through my sell-backs to other distraught and broke law students around the country.  I’m lucky.  I have a great job, I’ve a savings account, and I have someone who helps me do all of this without loans or borrowing money from anyone.  We pay up front for my law school experience, so even two years into it, I have no debt from the experience.  So, me selling books back for a premium amount in order to pay my tuition isn’t really a goal.  I just want to get something back out of them, because I can promise you I’ll never want to know what Civil Procedure was like in 2011 when I graduate in 2013!  That’s what they make that handy little code book every year for, anyway.

I usually make back more than half of what I bought the book for originally.  Sometimes, I luck out and make more than what I bought it for, which is way cool.  Amazon also has a trade-in program, where they will buy your book back for a little less than you bought it for originally.  I have two books I’m considering using this service for, since they haven’t sold yet.  But, the semester isn’t here yet, and the summer is still in her teens, so I’ve a little more time to wait before I resort to that.


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