Moxie Loo for Mayor

November 4, 2010

You may be wondering if my name is actually Moxie Loo.  No, it’s not.  It’s my dog’s name.  The same dog I gave a horrible haircut to today.  (Hey, I’m not a groomer, but I tried.  Next time, she’ll just go to the groomer.)  The same dog who has eaten / destroyed two entire rolls of toilet paper in the past two weeks.  The same dog who weighs about 5 pounds and who loves to run in the leaves in our backyard.  The same dog whose favorite toy is a plastic, 16 oz, soda bottle or small plastic bowl.  The same dog who I will probably write in as a candidate for mayor of my small town as I feel very disinclined to vote for either of the options available to me.

Yes, I have done this before.  My last dog, Gracie, would have made an excellent Governor.  At least I thought so.  That’s why I wrote her in as a my choice for the office a few years ago.  Again, she was better suited than either of the candidates available to me.  I kept wondering if her name would show up in the paper.  I bet somewhere,  in the deep dark reaches of my state’s election commission, the name “Gracie (lastname omitted to protect her good name, of course), is shown as a write-in candidate.  She didn’t win, but at least she got one vote.

Moxie Loo would make an excellent mayor.  She likes walks in good neighborhoods, she is low-maintenance and doesn’t overspend (note above her favorite playthings), and she loves people.  She would only need to be paid in cookies or treats, saving the city millions every year.  She is cautious of strangers or people who lie, which would, of course, mean most everyone in politics.  She’s perfect.

Please feel free to write her name in for your local (or national – MOXIE LOO for CONGRESS) election.

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