Setting Sail from San Juan

It’s my most favorite part of the day – setting sail. Today, we’re setting sail for Barbados, where we’ll be in two days. It will be cool, since we’ve never been there before. The ship’s horn is sounding, to let all the people know that we’re about to push out and pull away. I always wonder if there is someone who didn’t make it back to the ship, perhaps on purpose, but one never knows!

I am glad to be setting sail. I love porting, but I so love sailing even more. Usually I have to wear my "sea bands" to keep me from being dizzy, but not this time, so far, anyway. I woke up not dizzy at all last night.

There are sea gulls flying all around us on our balconies. They are searching for food, of course, and getting a bit here and there. Some people are tossing crackers there way, while there are a few idiots who are just teasing them which isn’t very nice.

There is one gull with only one leg. I saw him this morning as well but couldn’t catch a good glimpse. This afternoon, though, I saw him again as he flew by me on the balcony several times. I wonder how he makes it on land. He seemed to do fine in the water.

There is an ambulance headed toward the pier. There was another one a few minutes ago. They are apparently always followed by a police car, to clear the way, because the other one was followed as well.

The houses up on the hill are amazing. I would imagine that there views of the sea are unbelievable.

There are about 50 boats – sailboats, catamarans, and small yachts – parked out in the bay. There was a family on one, just hanging out. I can’t imagine spending my childhood in the islands. Those who do are most fortunate. It’s a wonderful thing to travel the world and see the sights.

When we come on trips like this, it makes me want to travel all the time. It makes me just want to say the heck with law school – I’d rather spend the money on travel. I wonder how far $40K would take us? But then, I think about that long-time dream I’ve had, hoping that we can travel for many years to come. I wish I could dream about travelling every night. I would love to get the horrid Stupid dreams out of my head and dream about something neat.

Until later, I’m still just 39. A few hours more, and I’ll be 40.

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